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“Based on actual events: In 2020, employees at a Soft-Logistics company Christmas party became intoxicated and passed out. They awoke to find themselves trapped in a computer simulation that some say is a glimpse into the very future of surfing as we know it.”

“Computer generated HP trad-orcs with bionic leg pump and arm swipe capabilities traverse the dystopian marine park on an endless loop. Thrusting. Pumping. Swiping.”

“Cyber-bots patrol all perimeters and flying machines enforce strict assimilation to an algorithmically generated surfing monoculture. The Starring: Tom Rigby, Chippa Wilson, Noa Deane, Henry Hewish, Creed Mctaggert, Harry Bryant, Jordan Putland, Thomas Robinson, Kurt Lovegrove, James Kates. All missing persons have not been seen since.” – Drag Board Co.

Music: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Theme from The Road
Mall Grab – Growing Pains
Working Men’s Club – John Cooper Clarke
Prince – Purple Rain