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14th January 2022

Hubboards // Episode 3

A look back to 2015 at one of the greatest web series’ ever produced! Jeff & Dave Hubbard exploring zones in Australia, using all their Hubboards bodyboards, fins, wetsuits, leashes and accessories. Keep an eye out for the two revo’s on the same wave by Jeff and Dave’s second-ever drop knee roll and reverse invert captured on film! It was also the trip that Jeff breaks his right ankle while landing an air reverse in shallow water. You can see this at @1:45 seconds.

Presented by Hubboards
Featuring Jeff Hubbard and Dave Hubbard
Filmed & Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Additional Footage by Ray Collins & Micah Lo’i
Music overlaid by WB: Until It’s Done (Instrumental Version) – Carvings.