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jack ardler

“This film is about how I grew up on an Aboriginal community also know as a Mission or reserve, called Jerrinja. It’s an amazing part of the world located on south coast of Australia, right on the river and 5 minute walk from Crookhaven heads beach where I spent all my days as a kid, I honestly wouldn’t want to grow up in any other place.”

“The title “Man on a Mission” is also about how I’ve chased the dream of being a professional bodyboarder all my life, I mainly like to free surf though, from buying Riptide magazines every time they hit the stores to surfing every singe day, all I basically know is surfing, so I’ve put together this clip to show what I’ve achieved on my way to completing my mission. p.s I still have a long way to go!” – Jack Ardler.

Supported by : Urban Bodyboards
Attica Wetsuits
Funkshen Bodyboards
Filming : Jordan Salafia
Aj Kelly
Edan Ricks
Editor: Jack Ardler
Music: Yahtzel – girls