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Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2016
02nd August 2016

Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2016

Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2016 truly was something else, 180 competitors from all over the world made there way to the Great lakes NSW for the 3 day event. The event is the 19th year celebrating life, community, youth, bodyboarding in memory Jeff Wilcox, an inspirational young man whom lost his life to the battle of Cancer.

2016 Sponsors were Bellevue Hotel, Inverted Bodyboarding, Love the Great lakes, Homebase Youth Services, Science Bodyboarding, North Coast Holiday Parks, Sevan Apartments, Unite Clothing Co, Basic Custom Bodyboards, Golden Age Media, Shane Chalker Photography, SullyVision, Jake Evans Media, Reeflex Wetsuits, Sam Elbourne Photo, Travel Play Live Magazine and Cutloose Hair Designs.

Cutloose Hair Design Competitor of event – Lilly Pollard, scoring an extra $300 cash for her commitment to helping shape the future and not taking a break to secure the highest scoring heat of the 2016 event with a 19.5 total score.

Shaylene Kennedy walked away with a Jase Finlay Board after showing the most froth in the Youth Coaching Development

Legends Champions
1st Shaun Peterson (Cronulla)
2nd Joshua Burguete Kirkman (Forster Tuncurry)
3rd David Lohan (Tasmania)
4th Adam Keegan (Sunshine Coast)

Womens Champions
1st Lilly Pollard (Cronulla)
2nd Shauna Gillette (Catherine Hill Bay)
3rd Nicole Fleming (Cronulla)
4th Britt Marie Ladley (Gold Coast)

Junior Men Champions
1st Shayden Schrader (Port Macquarie)
2nd Storm Keating (Port MacQuarie)
3rd Liam Lucas (Maroubra)
4th Simon Cassidy (Sunshine Coast)

Dropknee Champions
1st Gary Thatcher (Sunshine Coast)
2nd Grant Molony (Central Coast)
3rd Shane Griffiths (Kingscliffe)
4th Zach Armitage (Wollongong)
5th Yukihisa yamada (Japan)
6th Luke Fisher (Gold Coast)

Open men Champions
1st Jase Finlay (Ulladulla)
2nd Shayden Schrader (Port Macquarie)
3rd Joshua Kleeve (Sth Africa)
4th Joe Clarke (Gold Coast)
Film/Edit: SullyVision
Music: James Bennet – In the Blink
Photo: Shane Chalker