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luke morgan bodyboarding

Some final GoPro views from Luke Morgan, this is due to a new signing with Sony. Slabbing pits and crystal caverns galore.

In his own words: – “Recently the opportunity was given to me to show some of my work to some of the people behind the new Sony Actioncam in Australia. I was stoked to hear they were into it and wanted to work with me in future endeavours. I’ve been shooting all my board cam lately in 1080/60.”

“I feel the new action cam is really gonna be a step up for me. It has a 50mbps data rate in the 1080/60 mode and and can’t wait to see just how high the quality the footage is (I’ve always been taught by the film guys the higher your data rate the more information you have to work with and you can get a lot better results in post). The design also agrees with the aesthetics of my board cam setup.. Before i sign on the dotted line with Sony I have to do a quick dump of all my old footage from my go pro so i banged together a quick edit. Enjoy and get ready.. I promise you things are gonna get taken up a notch. – Luke”