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Nick Gornall - Seeing Stars

To coincide with Nick’s profile in #189, Riptide, Stealth and Agent Eighteen bring you one of the most mind-blowing clips of the year – Nick Gornall: Seeing Stars. Shot over a two-month period by Tyge Landa, the clip is based out of the South Coast of NSW – the area Gornall moved to from Queensland’s Gold Coast in April of 2012.

Nick moved down with a clear objective of wanting to push his surfing in bigger and heavier waves. Since moving he has spent the majority of his time training and pushing his surfing in some of the best waves this coast has to offer. Nick will remain down on the South Coast for 2012 and then spend sometime at home training and working with his shop sponsor over the Christmas period. Nick wants to come back again to live in 2013 to set up for another monumental year in free surfing, filming, competition and training.