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bodyboard shaping

FROM DESCRIPTION:- “It’s time to slow things down. It’s time to take a more intricate look at the finer details in life. Its time to take a moment every now and then to look deeper into the relationships between various aspects of life and find a connection with who we really are and what we are here for.

The Connection series starts with this mellow tone – Glenn Taylor is here to shape foam into bodyboards so we can ride them and smile. The small things that make custom shaped boards so special, the intricate connections between measurements and shapes, cores and materials all combine to enhance our experience in the ocean. The more understanding we have of this connection, the more substantial this experience will become.

Glenn Taylor hits a little over 20 years experience in the industry next year. In this first video of the series Glenn states the reason behind the name “Project Bodyboards” and his intention to serve the customer as being a main motivator in his new venture.

Look for more releases throughout January 2014 covering detailed insights into his humble beginnings at MANTA bodyboards in 1993; the highs and lows in the industry thus far as well as in-depth product description and appraisal on elements of board design he see’s as essential in making the best board possible for your style, the waves you surf and the conditions you surf in.

Song and Artist “Black rabbit” by Peter Mulvey
Album: Notes from Elsewhere
Filmed & Directed by Daniel Agelavu
Filmed & Edited by Jake Evans
Addition Footage Matt Mollison
With thanks to John Welsh of Morelife Media”