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10th March 2014

Summertime Sadness

From description:- “As Summer time rolls through so to does the endless, waveless days. Summer on the East Coast is everything but bodyboarding, With only a handful of waves we much sooner skate or sit on the net with our eyes glued to the swell forecast waiting for any minor peaks. With minimal waves and max stoke we set out to take advantage of anything that forms a wave.”

“Summertime Sadness is a surf video filmed on the East Coast. This clip features some of Australia’s and international renown riders such as Dallas Singer, James Nyemyer, Wade Masters, Alan Chegwidden and Jake Stone. Other Local shredders include Matt Mccan and Matt Doyle. This vid took several months of filming around home breaks with a few occasional trips down south or up north. Produced By Craig Tracey”