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04th July 2012

The Pursuit of Excellence

A very high quality video featuring Glen Thurston, bodyboarding a variety of spots including Supers and Aussie Pipe.

“Rarely do you pursue something long enough to be able to help change things for the better, and if you can, why not do that with everything you have, and then a bit more.”

“The Pursuit of Excellence is just that, pursuing a higher level in all areas of film making, bodyboarding and life. We haven’t arrived there yet but as a team we have a clear goal in sight; that is “excellence”.

“Filmers Bryce Thurston, Tyge Landa, Liam O’Brien and Burg Thurston were hard at work capturing the angles for this release and it’s an incredible privilege to work with such people. Glen Thurston had the easy job of riding the waves and we are all stoked to be apart of this.”