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Thurston Photo
27th December 2013

Thurston Photo 2013

From description:- “Envision; to form a mental picture of something that is invisible or has not yet taken place. To consider the impossible as a possibility.. To create with your hands what already exists in the mind.

My vision with Thurston Photo is to “See Life from a New Perspective.” By using whatever talents i’ve been entrusted with, I want to be a part of somebodies revelation that life is a gift, we have a purpose and it’s not to be wasted.

Here is a short yet sweet 2 and a half minutes of some of my favourite images i’ve captured this year. It’s been a good one, I’m full of excitement and vision for what 2014 holds and extremely thankful for the life i live and the people i live it with. Reflect, be Inspired and Enjoy.”