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John Duval

John Duval and others in the Tahitian wave-riding community voice their opinions on the recent controversial session which climaxed when John Duval “dropped in” on Dave Wassel, a Hawaiian tow surfer.

Months after the incident, Dave Wassel in conjunction with Surfing Magazine dropped a press release style video, which can be viewed HERE. The video featured Dave sharpening a large machete while he continued to condescend the tahitian hospitality and make light of the Situation.

The video below is the response to Daves video: One thing is very clear, if you do not respect the locals, you are not welcome in their waters… and as for Dave, Heiarii Williams has a very clear message for him “You are not going to come here anymore”.

UPDATE 4/10/2013:

John has decided to take the video down. “The purpose of his video, and Wassel’s video, was to tell a story — not to start drama.” See below for an email sent to Surfing Magazine:-


I feel that both Dave and myself were each given an equal opportunity to speak out and share our sides of this story. However, unfortunately it seems to have only created unwanted drama and tension, not only in my islands, but also, in Hawaii and internationally.

In my opinion, the best solution to this problem, would be to make peace between us, because I can’t see this going in a positive direction. I don’t hold onto any grudges because it’s not good energy to do so. What happened is the past already and what has been said, has been said.

So… what I am suggesting, is that both videos be deleted and we all just move on. I just hope that everyone can learn something from this story and just try and respect one other.

Aloha & Aroha

Mahalo & Mauruuru roa



The video below is now set to private and is unlikely to make a return.